About ZP

The Panchayat Raj Act, 1993 provides for a 3- tier structure of Panchayats. The Zilla Panchayat forms the apex institution at the district level. Each of the three taluks in the Yadgir district has the Taluk Panchayat, where again the members are directly elected from the people, and which has a similar administrative structure headed by the Executive Officer(EO). At the lowest level there are the Gram Panchayats which are having jurisdiction over a group of villages so notified.

Zilla Panchayat At the district level
Taluka Panchayat At the taluka level
Grampanchayat Group of villages notified as a gram panchayat

Taluk Panchayats are the intermediate tier of the Panchayat Raj Institutions at the taluka level. Since 1999, certain specified development schemes earlier executed by the Zilla Panchayat have been tranferred and delegated to the Taluk Panchayats for implementation. Gram Panchayats are the lowest tier of Panchayat Raj Institutions, They have responsibilities of civic administration with independent power of taxation.